A Visit to Minnesota

Susan and I had an opportunity to visit with Brenton in Minnesota. Here are a couple of photos I took.

War’s Greatest Victory

is when it teaches us the true cost of liberty.

Charles Bennett 2016

10 things that place me in awe

  1. The Lord’s unwavering love towards me in Christ
  2. That Christ shed His own blood “for such a worm as I”
  3. The Gospel is mine because of His grace alone
  4. That He knows everything about me and yet loves me
  5. His mercy is an inheritance that I am allowed to enjoy before I enter heaven
  6. How much my heart loves His gospel
  7. The words “but God” and how they speak of His kindness towards His creation
  8. The gentleness of a godly wife’s spirit
  9. The fields are STILL  “white unto harvest”
  10. That one day soon I will see Him face to face

My Apple Watch

For Father’s Day last year the sons and daughter bought me Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker. It has since produced several delicious meats that many family members and friends have enjoyed. It’s now a year old and has been idle since February, mostly because of diets and the hot weather.

This year I was gifted an Apple Watch. It was a real surprise. First, because I wasn’t sure I wanted one and second because it’s rather costly.


The reason I wasn’t sure I wanted one is because I had tried the Samsung Gear last year and found it to be redundant to my phone and Bluetooth headset. I didn’t want to go through trying it out to only return it a couple of days later.

However, the reason I was looking for a new watch/wearable is because I wanted to track my workouts. So the choice seemed to be between the Apple Watch and a Garmin. Each has its good points and each its limitations. As it turns out Zachariah shared with Susan that the Apple Watch was a good choice and so the quiet discussion of getting me one for Father’s Day began.

I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and that they are so generous towards me.

I hope to write a review of the Apple Watch in the next couple of weeks.


Zachariah is in deep….

This past Saturday several of us went to Disston Ranch with three jeeps. There is about 3600 acres and we were given a guided tour by one of the family members that owns the property.  At one point we ventured upon a “borrow pit” which was filled with water. So my son, Zachariah, being the stout hearted fellow he is,  drove his jeep into the pit to the great delight of all who watched. The other jeeps were not far behind, but the video files are so large I had to limit my posting to one.

Zach in the borrow pit


A few years ago while driving quite a distance I thought about leadership. Having been influenced by many people and situations through the more than fifty years of my life,  which included serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and working in both small businesses and corporations; I’ve witnessed both good and bad leadership. This isn’t only in business but in the church and family as well. The past 12+ years of counseling people from the Bible I’ve seen a huge deficit in leadership by Christian men, many of whom are husbands and fathers.

It was this process of thinking that caused me to ask “How can you tell if you are a leader?” Here is how I answered that question:

Q: How do you know if you are a leader?
A: Turn around and see if anyone is following you.

Q: How do you know if you are a GOOD leader?
A: Look at the character of the people who are following you.

Q: How do you know if you are a GREAT leader?
A: Step aside. If those following continue towards the goal because they see the value in where you were leading them you will know you were a great leader.

I’ve shared this with many people since 2013 when I thought it through and to my joy it has always been well received.

So now I ask myself, “Does history prove this correct?” Here are a few people I recalled that might do just that.

Moses, Gandhi, Cromwell, Reagan, Lincoln, Founding Fathers of the U.S., Audie Murphy and of course the Lord Jesus.

I’ll let you ponder it.

POTD: 06/14/14


Pasture near the movie theater. (Samsung Galaxy Note 3)

POTD: 06/13/14


Installation Complete (Samsung Galaxy Note 3)

POTD: 06/12/14


Dinner via the Weber Grill (Samsung Galaxy Note 3)



Lunch (Samsung Galaxy Note 3)